Gudstjenester i Sømandskirken | Den Danske Sømandskirke Singapore

Vi opdaterer vores hjemmesidedesign for at forbedre oplevelsen på vores hjemmeside.

Gudstjenester i Sømandskirken

Gudstjenester i Sømandskirken
Udgivet af Carl Bjarkam, søn d. 30. aug 2020, kl. 13:43

På grund af ombygningen holdes gudstjenesterne i 2021 ud i Sømandskirkens baggård alternativt i Præsteboligen 9A Pender Road 099170 

Hvis du ønsker at deltage i gudstjenesterne, vil vi bede dig overholde retningslinjerne beskrevet nedenfor:


Conditions required to attend worship service at the Danish Seamen`s Church

• Entry will be by registration (up to 50 people) which will be checked upon entry

• Registry via mail to: or by contacting port chaplain on 88694828

• TraceTogether and Temperature taking will be required.

• There will be one entrance door and a different exit door.

• Participants will be asked to sit in a socially-distanced way. Family members can sit together (up to 5 members of a household)

• Face masks will be required the whole time by those attending church

• There will be no congregational singing or live music during the Service.

• There will be no Communion and there will not be any refreshments served.